Saturday, February 19, 2011

(24)The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua

When I write a book review, I really try to remain objective and not say anything that could potentially be construed as insulting or that could hurt the author's feelings. Just because I do not like a book they have written does not mean they are bad people. So I try not to get "personal" with the author, if that makes sense?

The rules change though when the book is an autobiography. Or in this case a "How (NOT) To" manual. The author put her and her life out there to be judged, because of that I am not going to hold back. Based on what Amy Chua wrote about her life and her parenting skills in her book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, I am going to just put it out there. She is a raging bitch. I do not like Amy Chua. I do not like the way she makes sweeping generalizations about the Chinese and "Westerners". I do not like her superiority complex. Most of all, I do not like the way she talks to her children. No, to use "talk" is generous. She screamed, yelled, belittled, insulted, and mocked her children. And then she wrote a book about it.

This book has had a lot of press. From what I saw in those interviews and what I read in this book, Amy Chua won't care what I write. If she reads this post, I am sure she will just mock me, call me some degrading name, and I even imagine a little snort, as she moves on. I don't care. I know that *I* will never call my young child "Garbage", I know that *I* would never reject a homemade birthday card from my child, I know that *my* children will always feel loved, cherished, supported, and accepted in their family. Ms. Chua may be the over-educated law professor, but that knowledge of her parenting skills leave *me* with the superiority complex.

This book infuriated me on so many levels. That moment, in Russia, when Lulu put HER foot down was one of the most gratifying moments I have ever had reading a book. I was proud of her and just wanted to reach through the pages and give her a hug. Read at your own risk, I promise you will find your blood pressure rising.


Lisa Mandina said...

Interesting, I'd wanted to read this because of all the controversy. But don't know that I'll get around to reading it as there are so many other books I want to read more.

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