Thursday, February 17, 2011

(23)Now You See Her by Joy Fielding

I have told you all I love all things Irish, right? (HaHa - SHOCKING, I know!) Well, imagine my immense pleasure to discover that Joy Fielding's new novel, Now You See Her, is set in Ireland!!

Grief is a pretty powerful emotion. Not only is Marcy Taggert mourning the loss of her daughter, but she is mourning the loss of her husband -- to their younger, prettier golf pro. She decides to go ahead and take the second honeymoon she and her husband had planned long before he left her. She is hoping the trip to Ireland will be just what she needs to pull her out of the grief that has nearly consumed her. She is enjoying the sights when out of the corner of her eye she catches a glimpse of her daughter, Devon. Which sets off a cat and mouse chase that criss-crosses the Irish countryside.

I was pretty vocal in my disappointment in Joy Fielding's last book, The Wild Zone, and I must say that Now You See Her was infinitely better. By no stretch of the imagination can it be compared to someone like Steig Larrsson or Tana French, but it was enjoyable. It kept me guessing right up to the end. I knew one of two guys was "the bad guy" but I kept going back and forth on who it was. The end was not exactly what I was hoping for, but it was satisfying and came together nicely.

As much as I disliked The Wild Zone, I was almost fearful to read Now You See Her, but Ms. Fielding has completely redeemed herself in my eyes and I eagerly await what she has in store for her readers.


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