Tuesday, November 23, 2010

(164)Finding Noel by Richard Paul Evans

Okay, so I lied. I got my hands on several of Richard Paul Evan's books from the library, so I just had to read them. I am glad that they are quick reads!

I do not think that Finding Noel was as good as Promise Me, but it was still very good. Heartwarming and inspirational.

Mark has moved to Utah to attend college and when his scholarship falls through he resorts to working as a janitor. It is a snowy evening when his beat up car breaks down and he wanders into a diner where he meets Macy. They become close and together Mark and Macy try to find Noel, Macy's sister who was given up for adoption. In the process they learn a lot about each other and the true meaning of family.

Richard Paul Evans is a master of words. His stories consistently touch the heart unlike any author I have read in a while. Next up is the Christmas List.