Tuesday, November 16, 2010

(160) Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans

Okay, last Christmas novel for a while. I promise. LOL

I read The Walk earlier this year and was shocked at how much I enjoyed the story. I knew Mr. Evans had written a plethora of Christmas novels, so when I saw Promise Me sitting on the New Release shelf, I grabbed it right up. I was not disappointed.

The year is 2008 and Beth is preparing for Christmas Day. She is on edge awaiting her daughter and her husband's arrival. As she waits she thinks back to 1989 and the man that entered their lives when she needed it the most, right after her husband passed away, leaving her and Charlotte alone to fend for themselves. Matthew changed all of that when he entered their lives for that one short year. Here it is almost twenty years later and Beth is about to see Matthew again. Will she be able to keep their secret?

There is some element of predictability with any Christmas story you read. They almost all have the adversity that needs to be overcome and end with a "happy ever after" on Christmas Day. Having said that, Promise Me was by far the best Christmas book I have read this year. The story was just so *good*. I enjoyed the characters, I enjoyed the writing, I enjoyed everything about this book. I have put the others on my "hold" list at the library, so I will be reviewing them shortly, but I promise to hold out til after Thanksgiving.


Confounded Cook said...

Great post as usual, Char. Also, as usual, we miss ya muchly. Merry Christmas...it won't be the same without you and your Santa hat. When did you start celebrating...August? lol

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

Thanks, Greg! I admit to having started the Christmas music in October, but I have yet to break out the Santa hat.

I am hoping to stop by the store Thanksgiving weekend. Will you be at the store at all?

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