Tuesday, February 23, 2010

(25)The Things That Keep Us Here by Carla Buckley

How far would you go to protect your family from a pandemic that is sweeping the nation?

Carla Buckley has written a book that will strike fear in your heart. The Things That Keep Us Here is a book about your average mother, Ann Brooks. Ann and her husband, Peter, have been separated for a year when news that the H5N1 strain of flu has hit the United States. It is a week before Thanksgiving when the schools are closed and governments are urging people to stay home at all costs. The Brooks hunker down at the house, including Peter and his grad student assistant. Then the storm of the century hits and the entire city loses power.

The Brooks are in full on survival mode. They are cut off from the outside world. But they know one thing, the Pandemic is killing off their neighbors at a rapid pace. Ann is determined to keep her family safe from disease and looters at all costs.

From page one Carla Buckley had me pulled into the story. With every page I turned I kept thinking about how we would survive if something like this ever really happened. In the last year the alarmists have had millions worried about what would happen when the Swine Flu hit the States. While many DID get sick and some did die, it was nothing like the fear mongers had us believing it would be like.

I will tell you this, though. First thing tomorrow I am going to put together a survival kit. We wouldn't last two weeks without electricity based on what we have in our house now. Could you survive for an extended period of time based on what is in your house now? Think about it. No electricity means no microwave, no freezer, no hot showers, no internet. All gone. It is a sobering thught. Do you have a survival kit? What is in your survival kit?

The Things That Keep Us Here was a wonderful read. Fast, engaging, enthralling. And frankly even a bit scary. Carla Buckley has written a Michael Crichton type thriller for the Jodi Picoult readers of the world. Book Clubs all over the country will love the type of conversation generated from reading this book. Great read, you won't be disappointed.


Charlotte's Web of Books said...

After telling my husband about this book & telling him I was putting together a survival kit, he ordered http://sellout.woot.com/?ts=1266927472&sig=2f38a975c8e2ead3 for me today.

I love that man!

Lisa Mandina said...

This sounds really good!! I'll have to put it on my list. Like your new background by the way!

Anonymous said...

I have to object to your comparison of this book with any of the offerings from the uber-annoying Ms. Picoult. This is an insult to Carla Buckley. This book was amazing, especially for a first novel. Jody Picoult is a shlock writer that has managed to convince numerous people that she is a serious author. Ms. Buckley really is a serious author.

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

I am so glad that you liked the book!

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