Wednesday, October 7, 2009

(82) Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick - On Sale October 13

Twilight fans, have I got news for you!

Angels are the new vampires!

In her new book, Hush, Hush, Becca Fitzpatrick introduces us to a whole new realm of Folklore. Nora Grey is dismayed when her biology teacher decides to shake up the seating chart and Nora gets stuck with transfer student and badboy Patch Capricio as her lab partner. Nora is torn between being attracted to Patch and being afraid of Patch. And when he starts showing up at the most unexpected places and really bizarre things start happening, Nora starts to really question his motives.

At the same time Patch is invading her life another transfer student has caught the eye of her best friend, Vee. Nora’s “spidey senses” go into overtime and she is sure that Elliot is someone other than he claims. Will Nora be able to keep the dark forces at bay and sort this all out without getting hurt? Both physically and emotionally? Will she be able to resist Patch’s charms? Is he a Fallen Angel or a Guardian Angel.

Hush, Hush is a teen romance/thriller along the same vein as the Twilight Series. But it goes a different route with the whole Fallen Angel theme. The author has done some incredible research about the mythological Angel’s that find their way into Nora’s life. It is fascinating and just as every bit romantic as Twilight. Hush, Hush was a fast and suspenseful read that you are guaranteed to devour in one sitting.

With strong, non-whiney, characters and immortal Angel’s, the possibilities are endless. Hopefully Ms Fitzpatrick will not go the route of Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling and keep us waiting years before the story continues. While Angel’s may be immortal, we are not…


Lisa Mandina said...

I never got around to posting my review of this one I don't think, but it sounds like you enjoyed it as well. You need to come over and subscribe to my new blog on here!! One thing I have to point out as a teacher, sorry, but you've put "Angel's" when you really just should have Angels at the end a couple times. Sorry, I'm in teacher mode, and the extra apostrophe use is one thing I always bug my students about. :-)

Brandie said...

You have gotten me hooked...I am going to have to go out and buy this book!

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

Lisa, don't you know it is bad form to correct someones grammar? LOL

Brandie, you will have to let me know what you think.

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