Tuesday, October 6, 2009

(81) While I Am Falling by Laura Moriarity

I read this book in virtually one day. Of course, I was trapped in airplanes, but traveling is a good way to get caught up on my reading. I traveled to Casper, Wyoming to be with my Future Husband (I like the way that sounds better than “fiancĂ©e”) He is here for work & we will drive back to Kansas City together. I was looking forward to get away from the city in hopes of getting some reading done, little did I know The Company's condo has neither Wi-Fi nor a television! OH THE HORROR! So, yes, I will be getting some reading done in the next few days!
I like Laura Moriarity's books because they could be considered somewhat local. Based on her “acknowledgments” I even wonder if she has been a customer of mine. Her new book, While I Am Falling takes place in the KC metro area. Half of it is set in the suburbs of Johnson County, and the other half is set in Lawrence at KU. Lawrence is just a hop, skip & a jump from my store. We get a lot of customers from the Lawrence area, in fact I have have had employees that drove from Lawrence to work at my store.
While I Am Falling is a book about divorce and how the members of that family survive the disintegration in the first year after their family falls apart. It is a hard book to read, especially if you have had to deal with the tragedy of divorce in your own life. The book focuses mainly on the youngest daughter, Veronica and her mother, Natalie. The divorce has completely unraveled Natalie and she finds herself relying heavily upon her daughter, Veronica, for the very basic of needs. The stress that Pre-Med Veronica is going through is almost enough to make her unravel, too. Instead she learns a lot about what it means to be a strong woman.
There are some parts of this book that are just downright scary. For that I am thankful, it took my mind off of the fact that I was in an airplane smaller than most SUV's. There are other parts of the book that may reduce you to tears. It is so worth the emotional roller coaster to get to the message, I took away. Strong women role models don't have to be doctors or lawyers. Strong women role models come in all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. They survive the worst of circumstances and come out stronger than ever.
Well worth the read.

ETA - Sorry for no "Happy Tuesday" post. My Future Husband was able to get us dial up through our Blue Tooth on our cell phones, but there is NO way I can post pictures for my post. I do know that the new Postsecret book hit the shelves today as well as many many others.


The Foodie Wannabe said...

The new Post Secret is really good....very moving and funny

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