Friday, August 7, 2009

(66) Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (Audio book)

There are some people in this world who just have twisted minds. Would it be wrong of me to request that they all write fiction books like Gillian Flynn?

Not only has Gillian Flynn written the most superb, the most gritty novel that I have read in a long time, she has chosen to set the book in the city where I live. Ms Flynn is originally from the Kansas City area. She has gone back to the KC area in her book. Making Kansas City the present day home of her heroine, Libby Day.

Libby Day is the cult hero for many fans of the True Crime genre. She is the only living survivor of the grisly murder of her family when she was a small child, twenty-five years ago. Libby's testimony put her older brother, Ben in prison for the rest of his life for the crime. Now here it is is, twenty-five years later and Libby has finally spent the last of her "Donations" fund. She is out of money and has resorted to making appearances at conferences for money to live on.

It is at a conference in the Kansas City West Bottoms where Libby is first confronted with the possibility that her brother is innocent. Desperate for money, as well for the truth, Libby starts a journey that may end with consequences beyond her comprehension. Will the truth really set Libby free, or will it push her further down into the black hole that has been her life?

Gillian Flynn has written the most superb horror book. Written in alternating chapters of past and present, you see the events leading up to that gruesome night that ruined Libby Day's family. Forget scary movies, listen to Dark Places on Audio Book and you will have a hard time sleeping at night. The book is dark and twisted. Dark Places hits really close to home with, not only, the graphic and accurate depictions of present day Kansas City, but the farm crisis that plagued the Midwest during the 80's. I must give mad props to Ms Flynn. It is a rare treat to find an author that can have me coming to the wrong conclusion about a book.


Diane said...

I reviewed the print version of this a while back. I enjoyed it as well. Great review.

Jerilynn said...

I'm putting it next on my list. Thanks!

Lisa said...

Sounds good. I especially like that it's set in KC.

Wingnut said...

Just bought as my next ebook from B&N...will be back to let you know what I think :)

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