Friday, June 19, 2009

(50) Dune Road by Jane Green

I love Jane Green. Have I ever mentioned that before? Well, just in case you missed the memo, let me tell you. I love Jane Green! One of the reasons why I love her books is because it is obvious that her characters have grown with her. From single women to married women to divorced women to remarried women. Anyone familiar with Ms. Green's books & her blog can easily see the connection.

Ms Green does not disappoint with her new book, Dune Road. It is set in Highland, Connecticut. A town you may remember, with residents you may remember. Dune Road, though introduces you to new characters and their stories.

At the heart of the story is Kit. She is newly divorced, forty year old single mother with two children trying to figure out who she is after divorcing the man she had married at such a young age. She realizes that downsizing in house was the best thing she could have ever done. Because it gives her a neighbor like Edie. Edie soon turns into a surrogate mother & grandmother and in doing so,helps Kit find a job as a "Girl Friday" to a bestselling author.

You also get to meet Kit's friends, Charlie & Tracy. And of course Alice, you may remember her from To Have and To Hold. You might think that life in Highland is idyllic & perfect. With yoga classes, soccer games, and play dates. But look a little closer and you see that these women are dealing with menacing ex-husbands, financial crisis's, and self doubt about major life decisions. Life is not as perfect in Connecticut as one may think. Can Kit and her friends find the happiness they crave? Will they be able to make it through the trying times unscathed?

Jane Green has written yet another book perfect for the beach bag. With likable characters and real life dilemmas, you will be happy with the book and satisfied with the ending.


Maribel said...

I haven't read Jane Green yet. Thank you for the suggestion!

Lisa Mandina said...

The maturing of Jane Green's characters is why I don't really seem to be interested in her books anymore. I feel like until I feel a connection with those characters, I probably won't pick any of her new ones up. But it is good to know that they are still good reads for the time when I am ready.

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