Wednesday, February 18, 2009

(17) True Colors by Kristin Hannah

Coming from a large family, I thought I knew a little something about sibling rivalry. But let me tell you, The Grey girls know how to do sibling rivalry.
Winona, Aurora, & ViviAnn are just young women with their mother passes away. ViviAnn, at twelve is the youngest. She seeks solace in her mother's beloved horse, Clem. Aurora & Winona try to survive & earn their father's respect & love. But through it all, the Sister's stay strong. That is until one man walks into their lives.
Dallas Raintree is a renegade. He is different from the Grey's in more ways than you can possibly imagine. That doesn't stop ViviAnn from falling in love with him & ripping apart her family. And causing a rift that may be irreparable. Can the Grey girls come together & survive the tragedy that threatens to destroy their family?
Kristin Hannah has written an amazing tale of family, love, intrigue & betrayal. Her characters are deeper than it first appears. They are three tough women who all want the same thing. Love, Happiness, & their father's respect. True Colors is a fabulous book. Fans of Kristin Hannah will not be disappointed & if this is the first book you read of hers, then load up on the caffeine, for you will be up all night reading.


Brandie said...

I felt this way about Firefly Lane when I read it...I couldn't put it down. I'm excited now to read True Colors...I may just have to go buy it this weekend! Thanks for the review!

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