Tuesday, July 22, 2008

(70) Fractured by Karin Slaughter - On Sale July 29th, 2008

I love, love, LOVE a good mystery. I am an avid watcher of all things CSI & Law & Order. I watch & tivo them religiously.
I was thrilled to start reading this book & envisioning it as an episode on Thursday night's CBS line-up.
Abigail is arguing on the phone with her wayward husband when she opens the front door & sees a young man holding a knife standing over the body of her teenage daughter. Abigail instantly goes into "mama bear" mode & the young man ends up dead. At her hands. And the body is not her daughter, but her daughter's best friend.
It is up to Georgia Bureau of Investigations detective, Will Trent, to find Abigail's daughter & the man who kidnapped her daughter & killed her best friend.
In a series of twists & turns, Karin Slaughter knows how to write a great mystery. And if you are familiar with her work, then you are familiar with Will Trent. And once again, the ending will leave you surprised.


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I remember the carefree summer days when I used to ride my bike to the public library to pick out new books. I would go almost daily to find books to read. I read to learn. I read to explore the world. I read to escape. I read because not reading is not an option.

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