Saturday, April 12, 2008

(35) Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin -- On Sale May 13th

What happens when "The One Who Got Away" comes back in your life. You know. THE ONE who got away!! The one who could make you laugh like no other. The one who made you cry like no other. The one who you were so sure was "The One". What do you do when he (or she) crosses your path on the street after several years. Or in my case, sends you a message after more than a year.

Well, in the main character, Ellie's, life she has since gotten married. She has since become a successful photographer. She has since become happy & content with her life.

Ellie is crossing the street when she thinks that she sees Leo, the Ex. She does a double take, but is not sure. Until her cellphone rings & it is Leo. He saw her, too & wants to meet. So they agree to meet at a cafe & catch up.

All of those old feelings come rushing back. All of the hurt, the pain, the love comes rushing up. Your heart starts to race & you wonder. Should I? Could I? Can I handle seeing him again? Can I handle having HIM in my life again?

Well, Ellie, like myself, decides that she CAN be friends with "the one who got away". The only difference is that Ellie has a husband that she needs to keep in on the loop. I, have no husband. Obviously. LOL. But she doesn't tell her husband about Leo. In fact, she doesn't tell her husband ANYTHING. She just "goes with the flow" when he suggests moving to Atlanta. She doesn't voice her concerns. Or her frustrations after they get there. She just lets it stew.

Love the One You're With follows Emily & her marriage. She goes through this rough time, struggling with her past, her present & her future. Was Leo the one who really got away? Or is Andy the one that she was meant to be with. In the end Ellie learns a tough lesson about communication & where it fits in with love & marriage.
The book is a well written, easy for me to identify with. Obviously, the subject is geared towards women. And I think just about any female will be able to identify with it.


Lisa Mandina said...

See, I just lose interest in a book when it is about someone who is already married. I don't feel I have anything in common with them, so I don't want to read it. Although I do like the Shopaholic series still, probably because I already fell in love with the main character in her quest to get married. I'll be interested to hear about the next book you say you're reading.

Just Tera said...

Thanks for all your great comments on books. It really helps me when I go to pick out something to read.

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