Friday, March 25, 2016

(30)A Week at the Lake by Wendy Wax

Emma, Serena, and Mackenzie have been friends for over twenty years.  They met when they moved to New York to attend NYU,  A lot has happened over the last twenty years.  Mackenzie married her college boyfriend, Adam, and moved to Indiana to run a community theater.  Moving out to the hinterlands was was Mackenzie's way to deal with the fact that she can't have children.  Emma got pregnant ended up raising her daughter by herself.  Serena got a job playing a caricature of her southern self on a the most popular animated comedy show ever. She uses humor to hide the fact that her heart was broken twenty years ago and dates only men who are married.  It has been five years since Emma called a halt to their yearly trips to her lake house with no explanation.  Both Mackenzie and Serena are hesitant, but excited to resume their friendship and to hang out with their goddaughter who is on the verge of turning sixteen.  Their Week at the Lake was put on hold though when Emma is in a life threatening accident.  Serena and Mackenzie rush to her side and commit themselves to helping Emma get better no matter what. As days turn into weeks and months the three women have to deal with their own demons.  Serena has to come to terms with her broken heart, Mackenzie comes to realize that her marriage is not as solid as she once thought, and Emma has to reveal the truth about her daughter's father.  Can their friendship survive the secrets revealed while they spend A Week at the Lake?

I am really starting to enjoy Wendy Wax and her friendship themed novels.    The three women in A Week at the Lake were familiar to me.  I could see bits of my own friends in each of the three women.  I loved how even though they had gone radio silent they were willing to drop everything to be there for Emma in her time of need.  Their relationship with Zoe was another enjoyable thing about this book.  Both of her fairy godmothers would have gone to the ends of the earth for her.  I think Serena and her sassiness was my favorite character, even though I disagreed with her penchant for dating married men,  There were many things about the book that were predictable, like the truth about Zoe's father, but it didn't keep me from enjoying the read.

Bottom line - Spring Break is like the "Pre-Season" for Summer Reading and Wendy Wax is a good way to get yourself into shape.  A Week at the Lake is a the perfect book to read during those lazy afternoons on break.



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