Thursday, January 17, 2008

(8) Bookends by Jane Green

I like "fluff" books. I will not deny it.

I like to read about girls my age with the same men troubles as me. Well, ok, not the SAME troubles as me. But single nonetheless, trying to survive in the big cruel world.

Bookends is most certainly a "fluff" book. Set in London, the story told is that of Cath & her friends. They met in college and became each others "family of the heart".

There is Cath, the broody, mousy girl. Josh, the drop dead gorgeous friend, Si, the gay, larger than life friend, & Portia. Portia is beautiful & rich. A deadly combination. I suspect Portia only hung out with the others, because she knew they made her shine.

Their friendship progresses nicely until the night that Portia crosses the line. The dynamics of the group relationship change and Portia quietly drifts from the group.

Flash forward ten years.

Josh is married to the wonderful Lucy.

Lucy entices Cath into opening a bookshop. I would like to say that "hilarity ensues", but really it doesn't. They discover that starting & running their own business is hard work. No matter how cute the Real Estate Agent is.

As the girls work hard to get their shop up & running, they encounter a whole host of personal problems.

Infidelity, Life Threatening illnesses, and Portia returning to the fold.

Bookends was such an excellent, fast, emotional read. Very emotional for a "fluff" book.

I am probably going to read the rest of her books. Just because I am obsessed with anything & everything London.


Lisa Mandina said...

That is the same reason why I pick some chick lit books up, and others I don't, because I like to read about girls close to my age with similar single girl situations.

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

I agree, Lisa. Some Chick Lit books are so far beyond the realm of my possibility that I don't even bother. And some are so poorly written,(or edited) I want to get out my red pen & start making corrections!!

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