Wednesday, January 16, 2008

(7)House Lust : America's Obsession With Our Homes By Daniel McGinn

First of all, let me welcome you to my new "home". I have decided to move my book blog from MySpace to Blogger for many reasons. Mainly because there are many people who don't use, or refuse to use MySpace.

I love to read. And for the last couple of years I have tracked the books I have read on my MySpace Blog. I am going to continue that tradition here, starting with book number seven of the year. House Lust.

This book was the most fascinating book that I have read in a very long time. From the first chapter entitled "Mine's Bigger than Yours: Potomac, Maryland" you are drawn into the fascinating world of the housing industry in America.

From an in depth tour of a 29,000 sq ft home in Potomac, Maryland. To a vacation home in Naples, Florida Daniel McGinn writes a book that will leave you talking. Just ask my co-workers!! I have been talking about this book for the last week & soon it will go into the Staff Rec display at work.

And obviously, McGinn got really into his work as well, his research on rental properties in Pocatello, Idaho prompted him to become a rental property owner himself. It was obvious, though, that he had some buyers remorse about the purchase after his Property Manager ran off with two months of rent. I would be interested in hearing if he still owns that property.

One of the most fascinating chapters to me was "Fix Up Fever". People three times as much renovating their colonial homes in Massachusetts as I spent on my house, total. It is SHOCKING! The renovation itself, can sometimes add value to the homes. But if you plan on building a sunroom or home office, you can only expect to get .75 cents for every dollar spent. Is that really worth the cost of the stress? In fact, marital disharmony is so prevelant with renovating couples that there are now "Rennovation Psychologists" Invented by Dr Debi Warner. She sets up booths at Homes Shows & she sells books. Can you believe that?

Fascinating!! Just fascinating, I tell you!!

I admittedly have House Lust. I have always been fascinated by homes. I love driving through neighborhoods and just looking at the houses. I jumped at the chance to go house hunting with an ex-boyfriend. I read decorating magazines while on break.

I have House Lust!

Here is the link to the author's website. He has a quiz for you to determine if YOU have House Lust or not.

Let me know how it turns out! I would love to know that I am not alone!


Lisa Mandina said...

Hey, found you!! I have a blogspot too. But I really only used it for my last class. I loved Bookends, I like Jane Green. Have you read her books before?

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

Yeah, Lisa, I have. I listened to The Other Woman on audio. And I believe I have read Jemima J.

Bookends -- I got at Goodwill for fifty cents!

Lisa Mandina said...

I really need to start going to Goodwill. Wait, no I don't, I don't need any new books! :-)

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