(66)In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

Friday, July 24, 2020

Leonora was shocked to receive the invitation to the Hen Party of her old friend, Clare. She hasn't talked to Clare in ten years, but for some reason, Clare wants her there, so Nora packs up and heads to the English countryside for the weekend. Nora has reservations about going, but she is curious as to why Clare wanted her there. But when she finds out, it rocks her to her core. But then things start to happen that leave Nora wondering if there is something more sinister. But when things start to go bump in the night, Nora begins to wonder if they are not alone in the woods. Will they be able to get out of the woods alive?

I have read every other one of Ruth Ware's books, except In A Dark, Dark Wood. I am not really sure why I waited so long, but I did enjoy it. I really liked Nora and could feel her unease at being at that Hen Party.  I am not sure why she even went, to be honest. Maybe just curiosity? Just like her later books, Ruth Ware knows how to build the anticipation in her readers. The timeline is alternating between Nora in the hospital, not remembering what happened, and the Hen Party, starting when Nora gets there.  I was surprised by the big reveal, but then I am often am surprised by Ruth Ware. - CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS.

Bottom Line - Ruth Ware is quickly becoming a heavy hitter among authors of psychological thrillers and it is clear why that is so. Her stories are atmospheric, her characters are engaging, her twists are always suspenseful, and they have been from the very start. 


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