(47)Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

It has been six years since Daphne Berg was humiliated by her best friend Drue Cavanaugh. Daphne had been a sophomore in college when her best friend since grade school had invited her to a night on the town. By the end of the night Daphne was down one best friend and the star of a video that had gone viral. But that night Daphne decided that she was going to take control of her life. She was going to end the endless dieting and embrace body positivity. After six years, Daphne has turned into quite the social influencer, but when Drue walks back into her life she is reduced back to the woman she was before that night. Drue needs Daphne's help. She is getting married and she does not have enough friends for the wedding party that her groom wants. Against her better judgment, Daphne agrees and finds herself swept back into the world of the rich and famous. But before the wedding is over Daphne finds herself in the middle of a situation that could change her life forever. 

Big Summer was not quite what I was expecting. After all these years of reading Jennifer Weiner novels, I have come to look forward to the inclusive nature of her novels. Especially regarding body-positive characters. I really liked Daphne and I could even relate to her being a fat girl in a skinny world. I hated what her best friend put her through in that bar six years ago. Drue was a heartless bitch. Later in the book, I do believe that Drue had been trying to change and be a better person. And I think that Daphne was very generous to forgive her at all. Some pretty shocking events happen during the wedding weekend and I was surprised that the author took the story down that path. -CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS. The ending wasn't what I expected, but it didn't leave me shocked. 

Bottom Line - Jennifer Weiner has been writing "Chick Lit" books for as long as I can remember, which is why I was a little surprised to find a mystery embedded in Big Summer. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was a good book, just not what I was expecting from a tried and true Chick Lit author. 


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