(29)Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Rose Gold Watts was eighteen years old when her mother, Patty, was convicted for abusing Rose Gold and sent to prison.  And for the first time in her eighteen years, Rose Gold was not throwing up, she no longer needed a feeding tube, and was finally putting on weight.  With the help of a nosy neighbor, Rose Gold finds an apartment, learns how to drive, and gets a job.  Some years have passed and Rose Gold is lonely.  She doesn't really have any friends or anybody.  So she visits her mother in prison. And is even there to pick her up when she is released.  The people in their small midwest community cannot believe that Rose Gold has welcomed Patty back into their life. They cannot believe that Rose Gold has forgiven Patty.  Or has she?

Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a very real illness that has been getting a lot of attention recently from Hollywood recently. It was a subplot in the recent Netflix series, The Politician. The book is told from two different perspectives, Patty's in the present.  And Rose Gold's in the past, starting when Patty goes to prison.  I was appalled that Rose Gold even was willing to try and give her mother a second chance. And I was worried about her safety when she let her mother move in with her after she was released from prison. Reading Patty's perspective only increased my worries, because it was clear that the woman was still mentally ill.  I will tell you, that I was even more worried in the last few chapters.  I could not figure out why Rose Gold was willing to leave her baby alone with Patty. Rose Gold had her reasons and they definitely were not what I had expected.  CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS.  In the end, everybody got what they deserved. 

Bottom Line -  The mother/daughter relationship is often a complicated one, but even more so when your mother spent years making you critically ill. Darling Rose Gold is a fast read that will leave your head spinning.


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