(26)Verity by Colleen Hoover

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Lowen Ashleigh is a struggling author who is about to be evicted from her apartment just weeks after her mother passed away from cancer.  Just when her world is crumbling, she is offered an interesting proposition. The husband of a recently injured, the best-selling author wants Lowen to help finish her series. And for her help, Lowen will be generously compensated, which would solve a lot of Lowen's problems.  Lowen goes to the Crawford home to research Verity's works and outlines for future work. It is surreal for her to be in the same home as the vegetative Verity, but when Lowen finds a manuscript for Verity's autobiography, Lowen discovers that Verity has been keeping some really dark secrets. When strange things start happening around the house, Lowen fears that there is one more secret that Verity is keeping that puts them all in danger.

I know that I am late to the Verity discussion, but wow.  It was easy to feel sorry for Lowen at first. She was obviously trying to put herself back together after her mother's death.  Which, I think anybody can understand.  I can also understand how surreal it must have been for her to go to the Crawford's home. One thing I did not understand was how come it took Lowen weeks to read the manuscript. I mean, come on. At most, it should have taken her two days, but that wouldn't have given the author time to develop the romance between Lowen and Jeremy. Jeremy seemed like the perfect man. Devoted to his family, thoughtful and considerate towards Lowen, but it just seemed too perfect.  I thought that I had figured it all out, but I was only partially right.  It was the second part of the big twist that left me speechless. CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS. It was truly something that I did not see coming. It is rare than an author can leave me speechless.  For that reason, I am going to add it to "My Favorite Reads."

Bottom Line - While I absolutely loved Verity, I think I need to give you some warning. There are some pretty graphic sex scenes, as well as some very triggering topics. If you think you can handle it, then quickly go to your favorite e-book retailer to nap this book. You won't regret it!


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