(79)Let it Snow by Nancy Thayer

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Nantucket at  Christmas time is an absolutely magical experience.  Unless you own a toy shop, then it is hectic and chaotic.  Christina Antonioni and her friends, the other shop owners, are gearing up for a busy holiday season.    In the midst of the chaos, she catches a nine-year-old girl stealing a sticker book.  It turns out the little girl, Wink, is her Scrooge of a landlord's granddaughter.  Her parents are getting a divorce and she needs a distraction.  It isn't long before Christina and Wink strike up a friendship.  Then Wink's handsome uncle, Andy, enters the picture and Christina can't help but find herself smitten with him.  But what kind of future can they have together, especially after his father raises the rent right before Christmas?  Will Christina be able to show the Bittlesman family the true meaning of Christmas?

Oh how I love a good Christmas story.  I may have even read this book during the commercials for a Hallmark movie. Yes, I am one of those people that loves all things Christmas.  Christina Antonioni and Andy Bittlesman are good characters who you can't help but root for, even though Andy's father and sister are a bit more difficult to like. Oscar was just a grumpy old man and his daughter was too busy fighting for her marriage to be nice.   The other cast of supporting characters are just as quaint, too.  The other shop owners and then there is the Bittlesman housekeeper, who turns out to be so much more.  

Bottom Line - There is only one way for a Christmas story to end and that is with a happy ending.  Let it Snow is no different. 

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  • Pages: 272
  • Publisher: Random House Publishing
  • Publication Date:10/15/19
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