(57)Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Cassie Hanwell has had to work hard to prove herself as a firefighter in Austin, Texas.   She has made a reputation of being a hard worker and working well under pressure.  Both qualities are critical skills for a firefighter to have.   In fact, she is receiving an award at a big city function for her efforts on the job.  Except the person presenting her the award is the man who ruined her life all those years ago.  When he makes an inappropriate move on her during the presentation Cassie loses it.  And her entire jeopardy is at risk.  When her estranged mother calls her from Massachusetts and gives her a way out.  Cassie leaves progressive Austin with all of the newest gear for a small town that struggles with having a woman in the house. Not to mention there is a serious deficiency in equipment.  Cassie is struggling. With her career, with her relationship with her mother, with everything.  The only thing that makes it bearable is the Rookie.  He is smart and fun and good-looking.  But he is a colleague and Cassie knows it would be career suicide to act on her feelings.  So what will she do?  How will she get through?

Things You Save in a Fire was a great read.  Katherine Center is really making a name for herself as a favored author.  Cassie is the kind of character that women can get behind as a hero.  And as a firefighter, she truly is a hero.  But from the first pages when she smacked down the man whose actions shaped her life, well, it was a real "girl power" moment.    Moving from a progressive department in Austin to a smaller department in a small community was going to prove challenging, but it reeked of a lot of small-town stereotypes.  Not saying the author was entirely wrong, but every small-town stereotype was touched on in this book.  Including her attraction to the Rookie.  I am not saying that the book was not good or entertaining, you just need to look past a lot of these cliches in order to enjoy it.   Overall, Things You Save in A Fire was a quick read, but with a predictable ending.  And that isn't a bad thing, either.

Bottom Line - Things You Save in A Fire is a book about a strong woman working in a man's world.  While there are elements of the book may be a bit predictable, Cassie is a character that should not be missed.

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