(33) Someone Knows by Lisa Scottoline

Allie Garvey knows how to keep secrets.  She has been keeping one for twenty years. A secret that has nearly eaten her alive and most certainly destroyed her marriage.

Twenty years ago Allie was grieving the loss of her sister and desperate to fit in. One evening she was with four other kids, not really her friends, but she desperately hoped that they would be.  They were playing a reckless game and one of them ended up dead.  The police never knew that they were even there. They ruled it a suicide and the rest of them went on to live their lives.  Until one of them committed suicide on the 20th anniversary of that night.   Allie went to the funeral where she saw the other remaining "friends" from that night, Sasha and Julian.  Julian is a successful real estate developer and  Sasha travels the globe following the world of fashion.  Neither one seems to be carrying the weight of that night like Allie.  It is eating her alive.  She decides to take some steps that will hopefully alleviate some of the guilt from that night.  But will the decisions she makes now destroy her future?

There is nothing more soul-crushing than being overwhelmed by guilt.  And for a "good girl" like Allie, it has nearly destroyed herself.  Allie has been punishing herself over that night for twenty years.  She doesn't believe that she deserves any kind of goodness or happiness because of what happened.  There were a few times where I found it a little irritating.  It almost seemed like she was martyring herself.  Knowing what happened and the roles that everybody played, I really felt like she was taking it to the extreme. I was glad when she consulted a lawyer and he told her the same thing.  For as good as Allie was, Sasha and Julian were on the opposite side of the spectrum.  Even when they were kids, they were horrible kids, being raised by horrible people.  It is no wonder their sense of entitlement was off the charts.   The book was told from a lot of different perspectives, which made it confusing if you weren't paying attention, but it did give the reader a lot of insight.  Each of the four kids involved, as well as the victim's mother and Allie's husband, got to share their stories.   There was a twist at the end, but it wasn't jaw-dropping, as far as I was concerned. - CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS. 

Bottom Line - Lisa Scottoline knows what it takes to write a great page-turner.  Someone Knows is a masterful work that examines how damaging it can be to carry around decades-old guilt. 


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