Friday, June 23, 2017

(54)The Hyptonist's Love Story by Liane Moriarty

Hypnotherapist Ellen O'Farrell is excited for her date with Patrick.  They have been out a few times and Ellen is expecting things to progress on this date, but in the middle of their date Patrick got up and left the table, leaving Ellen sitting there alone and confused.  He comes back after a while with a confession - he has a stalker.  An ex-girlfriend has followed his every move ever since they broke up years ago. Ellen is intrigued by Patrick's stalker but is not willing to end the relationship because of a silly thing like a stalker.  Soon Ellen is settled into relationship bliss with Patrick and his young son, Jack.  But at every turn, Saskia is there and when Ellen discovers that she is pregnant her curiosity over the stalker intensifies.  Why would a seemingly reasonable woman be unable to move past a breakup?  Her curiosity over Saskia intensifies when Ellen discovers that she is pregnant - what Ellen doesn't realize is that she already knows Saskia.  Will Saskia be able to put the past behind her before she does something they will all regret?

The Hypnotist's Love Story was the perfect book to listen to on my daily walks.   For one thing, the book is set in Austrailia and the accents make it fun.  The book is also narrated by both Ellen and Saskia.  Being able to hear the thoughts of both women made this book incredibly compelling - mostly because Saskia really didn't believe that what she was doing was wrong.  It was clear to the reader that Saskia was completely batshit crazy, even though she seemed so normal.   As the book progressed and Ellen's pregnancy became more of a "thing" you could get a sense that Saskia was getting close to the edge of sanity. You could hear the crazy in the narrator's voice - which really set the tone.  I couldn't tell where the author was going to take the story, but you knew it was going to be explosive.  And it was,  I would even say that it was terrifying.  I thought the end was perfect.  The author gave good endings for both Ellen and Saskia, which made me happy.  Because even though Saskia was batshit crazy, there was something likable and relatable about her. I mean what girl hasn't been dumped unexpectedly?

Bottom-line - The Hyptnotist's Love Story is just another example of the brilliance that is Liane Moriarty.  A great story about two women and the man they have both loved.



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