Thursday, June 8, 2017

(49)The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green

Meredith, Nell. and Lizzy Sunshine grew up in the shadow of their mother, Ronni, a glamorous star of the silver screen.   Ronni was always a narcissistic and critical type of mother which did not exactly foster a close relationship with her daughters.  The sisters have scattered all over the world and rarely interact with each other. Meredith is living in London and engaged to a man who is really not well suited for her.  Lizzy is a successful celebrity chef, but she is still chasing happiness in unhealthy ways.  Nell runs a successful farm and cafe in the Connecticut countryside, not too far from where they grew up.  Ronni calls the sisters home and the sisters oblige, not sure if the demand was another one of her narcissistic tendencies or if something is really wrong.  When their mother announces that she has a terminal illness the three sisters are forced to face the cracks in their relationships.  Their relationships with their mother, others in their lives, and each other.  Will their mother finally be able to heal old wounds before it is too late?

The Sunshine Sisters is another summertime masterpiece by Jane Green.  Meredith, Nell, and Lizzy and three unique sisters that really only have one thing in common - they survived childhood with an aging actress.  It took me a few chapters to get all of the sisters straight but eventually got it.  Lizzy is the bratty one, Meredith is the meek one, and Nell is the one who isolated herself.   I struggled to like Lizzy - her selfishness was tough to swallow, but by the end of the book, I found her much more likable.  Meredith was tough to like, too.  Her meekness was overwhelming and from the very first time her fiance was introduced I wanted her to stand up and kick him in the shins.  Each of the sisters and their mother had their moment of redemption. There was a moment of shock towards the end of the book, but ultimately I was very satisfied with the way things ended.  I would even be interested in seeing a follow-up book someday.

Bottom-line - Jane Green is one of my favorite authors and just about every pen she touches spins literary gold, as far as I am concerned.  I enjoyed everything about  The Sunshine Sisters, but I particularly loved the character development.  A great story and now I have to wait another year for Jane Green's next work of art.



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