Saturday, April 29, 2017

(37)The Outliers by Kimberly McCreight

Wylie and her best friend Cassie have been on the outs for months, but when Wylie gets a text from Cassie saying she needs help, Wylie is willing to do anything to help her.  Even though she hasn't left her house in three weeks due to severe anxiety.  Even though she has to pair up with Cassie's boyfriend, Jasper, Cassie is willing to help her best friend.   Wylie and Cassie head off to Maine without telling anybody where they are going, receiving texts from Cassie along the way.  Their adventure turns dangerous when Jasper's jeep breaks down and one bad thing after another happens.  Soon they find themselves at the abandoned camp where Cassie said she was and Wylie realizes that they are in just as much danger as Cassie.  Wylie is shocked to find out that all of this is tied to her father's scientific research with Emotional Intelligence and a group of test subjects labeled "The Outliers." Her growing sense of danger is making things really uncomfortable for her.  Will Wiley be able to get herself and friends to safety before it is too late?

The Outliers is a real fast paced thriller centered around a young woman with severe anxiety.  When I say severe, I mean it causes her to vomit and pass out.  Which is one of the reasons why she was slowly becoming agoraphobic.  For a young woman with such a debilitating disorder to drop everything and go to the aid of a best friend she hasn't really talked to in a while? Well, I thought it said a lot about her character.  The Outliers is the first of a trilogy and the author did a great job of laying the foundation for that trilogy.  She spent time developing Wylie and Jasper.  Especially how Wylie's relationship with her parents have kind of led her to this point.  Her mother died a few months ago in a tragic car accident and things hadn't been the same since.  But there were a lot of flashbacks, so the reader really got to see the whole family dynamic and that is an important piece to the whole story.  And then the author left the end with such a cliffhanger that I am ready to go out and buy the next book in the series. (It releases on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 ).

Bottom line - The Outliers was a fast-paced, heart-racing kind of thriller.  With great characters, great plot, and two more books to go, this is definitely a series you want to start reading now!



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