Friday, April 14, 2017

(32)Big Law by Lindsay Cameron

Mackenzie Corbett is not afraid of hard work.  She was never an athletic kid like her sister, so she focused all of her energy on academics.  She became class valedictorian, she went to a prestigious law school, and she was courted and hired by one of the biggest law firms in New York City.  Mack is now a second year associate with eyes on the prize. She works 18-20 hours a day, rarely sees her boyfriend, Jason, and sees her best friend even less.  Her colleagues at the office are quirky at best and downright terrifying at worst.  As one of the few female associates working in "Big Law" Mackenzie needs to work harder than her colleagues.  She is starting to think that her mentor doesn't want her to succeed either.  Mack is exhausted and overworked when she is alerted to the fact that the feds are looking into possible insider trading on some of the firm's deals.  The only person in common with all those deals is Mackenzie. Everything she has worked so hard for is now in jeopardy, along with her freedom.  Who would set Mack up like this?  And why?

Big Law has been compared to The Devil Wears Prada and I understand why that comparison has been made.  Mack is a hardworking character who makes astute observations about her colleagues and the high-pressured world where they exist.  The quirky characters she works with were entertaining and the weird lifestyle of those in "Big Law" was interesting.  Like the way the expensed everything from dry cleaning to the drive home.  By the end of the book Mack had been working on two major deals and as her friend pointed out, it had been days since she had been outside when the sun was up.  I am a hard worker and I pulled some crazy hours in retail, but the way Mack worked night and day was crazy and I know that it is normal for "Big Law.  The way her career negatively impacted all of her relationships, including with her family, it made it hard for me to understand why anybody would want to work in "Big Law".  I guess somebody has to do it.

Bottom line - Big Law was a fun book to read.  I always love to read books like Big Law that give you the down and dirty about the world that I will never know.  If you are curious about the world of Big Law and looking for an entertaining read be sure to grab this one!



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