Sunday, April 9, 2017

(31)The Sisters of Blue Mountain by Karen Katchur

Linnet and Myrna don't have the best relationship. Myrna hasn't been home in years, leaving Linnet to run the family Bed & Breakfast and care for their aging father.  Their father is a retired ornithology professor who has studied the snow geese that make their home on their dam his entire life.  Their Bed & Breakfast is the destination of journalists and specialists when hundreds of snow geese turn up dead on the dam.  The craziness of Linnet's world grows exponentially when one of the university guys ends up dead on their property. Then Myrna shows up after a skype session with Linnet's son gives her reason to worry.  The sisters work together to try and keep their father from being the prime suspect, but a certain reporter has a history with the sisters that only they know the truth about.   Will their world be shattered when truths are revealed?

 I had a hard time connecting with the story.  I liked the characters, okay enough, probably Myrna more than Linnett, but neither one really seemed "warm" to me. The sisters had one thing in common - their love and concern for their father.  It was obvious to the reader that their father was battling dementia at the very least - he was forgetful and confused for most of the novel.   Myrna and the reporter were getting cozy and I was okay with that, even though Linnet was not.  But as the reader,  I didn't have the whole story until nearly the end.   In the end, I was glad the book was over. There was a lot of promise, but it just seemed to fall flat.  I wanted to stick it out to see who killed the scientist, but I wasn't invested enough to care about the sisters or the secret they were hiding - CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS

Bottom line - I think the scenery was my favorite things about The Sisters of Blue Mountain.  The author does an amazing job of placing the reader along the banks of the dam. While I though the story had weak points, the author tied it all together nicely in the end.



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