Thursday, February 16, 2017

(16)Right Behind You by Lisa Gardner

Sharlah May Nash has not had an easy life.  She was barely five years old when her brother killed her parents. Her brother, Telly, was the only good thing in her young life.  He read books to her, he made sure that she had food to eat and tried to keep her life as normal as possible.   The death of their parents was labeled self-defense but the siblings were separated and sent into the foster care system. Now it is eight years later and Sharlah is thirteen years old and on the verge of being adopted by former FBI agents Pierce Quincy and Rainie Connor. Sharlah is a quiet and withdrawn teenager, but she feels safe with her new family.  Telly has been taken in by the Duvall family - Sandra is a stay-at-home mom and Frank is a teacher.  Telly has never felt so wanted in a home. The tenuous security for both siblings ends the day that two people are murdered in a local convenience store and all evidence points to Telly being the suspect.  The evidence also leads the police to believe that Telly murdered his foster parents before heading to the convenience store.  Soon the siblings who thought they would never see each other again are tied together in a yet another dark and dangerous way.  Some secrets are not meant to be kept, but the secrets of their past may be enough to destroy both Telly and Sharlah.

From page one I was drawn into the fast-paced thriller of Right Behind You. The book opens in the past on the night that Telly's and Sharlah's parents are killed.  The early pages are being told from Telly's perspective, but it is told in such a tender way you don't know who is telling the story - a boy or a girl. I enjoyed the dynamics between both Sharlah and her new parents and Telly's with his new parents.  Both sets of parents accepted the children for who they were.  They didn't push them for more than they could give. There are some twists and turns, but not far-fetched or unbelievable.  -CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS  I was pleased with the end, but it felt that the book was short because I finished it so quickly.

Bottom line - Right Behind You is a fast-paced mystery with enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes, but not so many that it doesn't seem plausible.  A great quality to have in a mystery.



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