Tuesday, October 18, 2016

(87)The Boy is Back by Meg Cabot

Becky Flowers has lived in the quirky little town of Bloomville, Indiana for her whole life.  She grew up there, dated there,  and has made a name for herself as a "Relocation Specialist" for the newly retired.    She put the embarrassment of a bad break-up ten years ago behind her and is dating a handsome Bloomville restauranteur, but she is still unnerved when she gets a call from her ex-boyfriend's family.  Reed's parents have gotten themselves in a bit of a pickle.  They were arrested at a local restaurant for leaving a "rare" stamp instead of paying the bill.  Turns out the Stewart's are completely broke. They have blown through their retirement fund and their children have decided to hire Becky Flowers and force their parents to downsize.

Reed Stewart and Becky had a bad break-up ten years ago and instead of making things right, Reed went off to join the PGA tour, is now a famous golfer, and has never returned to Bloomville.   But he is back now to help sort out his parents' mess.  Will he be able to make amends with Becky or will they come to blows before it is all over?

The Boy is Back is a fun read told through modern technology.  Each chapter is either in email form, or texting, or chatting. There are even a few chapters that are newspaper articles - including color pictures.  That kind of formatting has always made for a fast read, and The Boy is Back is no different.   Becky is a fun character, with  what I would think would be a fun job. Her relationship with the Stewarts is tenuous at best.  I get the distinct impression that if anybody else in Bloomville did the same thing Becky did, they would have gone with them instead.   I thought Reed was a jerk at first, but he seemed to get his act together.  And put his siblings in their place.  It was a bit heroic.  Things turned out exactly as you would expect them to in a Meg Cabot book, but getting to the end is all part of the experience.

Bottom line - while The Boy is Back is a very predictable novel, it is told in such a unique way that you can't help but have fun reading it.



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