Friday, July 15, 2016

(64)The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger

Charlotte "Charlie" Silver is a rising star in the tennis world when she gets injured at her biggest match to-date.  Charlie doesn't want to make a comeback only to maintain her mediocre rankings.  She wants to be the best - so she hires the best.   Todd Feltner has trained champions, but only men, but he agrees to help Charlie reach the top.   He is arrogant, demanding, and pushy.  Todd Feltner is turning the sweet and innocent Charlie into a cutthroat champion who is far from innocent.   Charlie's dad and brother will support her no matter what, but they are not liking the new Charlie.  She works hard, but she plays hard, too.   Charlie travels the world seeking glory and fame, but she also is having fun attending glamorous parties in fancy locations all over the world, mega-stars know her name, and the tabloids love her.  By her side is the handsome tennis playboy, Marco.   The fast-pace lifestyle is quite excruciating and starting to weigh on Charlie.  Will she crack under the pressure before winning it all?

Lauren Weisberger has made quite the living by providing the world with behind the scenes looks into some glamorous industries.  This time she takes us inside the world of the glamorous tennis world.  I know almost nothing about tennis, but I still enjoyed The Singles Game.  Charlie is a great character that is easy to like and you really root for her success.  Todd is a bit of a wanker, but since he will help Charlie get to her end goal you put up with him, as does she and her family.  Even though you find yourself hoping she will just tell him to get lost.  Same goes for Marco.  Even Charlie admits that he is a bit of a douche, but she loves the attention she gets for being with him, as frustrating as it is, you can't fault her.  You follow Charlie on tour across the world and it is all racing towards the biggest event in the tennis world, Wimbledon.  The Singles Game is a pretty fast-paced novel, but with not a lot of "meat" and that's okay, the "dishy" nature of the book makes it a fun read.

Bottom line - The Singles Game is one of the best "brain candy" books that I have read in a long time.  Full of hot men. glamorous women, fabulous clothes, and amazing food. Absolutely a book worth grabbing for your next trip to the beach.



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