Wednesday, June 29, 2016

(58)David Spade is Almost Interesting by David Spade

My husband and I  took a road trip this past weekend to South Dakota for a family reunion.  I knew we were going to be in the car for close to 30 hours round trip, so I was looking for an audiobook we would both enjoy.   I stumbled across Almost Interesting.

I think everybody out there is familiar with David Spade in some capacity or another, whether it be Saturday Night Live, Tommy Boy, or Rules of Engagement.   As expected, David Spade gives us his story from childhood to present.  His childhood was mostly spent in Arizona as the youngest son of a single mom.  He and his brothers were often left to their own devices, but it was a different time then.  He shares his first experiences with comedy in high school and his first stand up gigs while in college at Arizona State University.   He takes us through the brutal early years of his career on the road and it really feels like a payoff  (for both him and the reader) when he gets to Saturday Night Live.  The insight he gives to the behind the scenes stuff on SNL is really worth the price of admission.

Of course he also talks in great detail about his close friend, the late Chris Farley.  He and Chris had a connection that is rare in Hollywood and you can hear in his voice how much he loved his friend and misses him daily.

One of the reason why I love celebrity memoirs on audiobook is because the celebrity is usually the narrator.  In pure comedic fashion David Spade gives us insight into what life is like as a celebrity.  Like when his assistant goes crazy and when his maid rips him off.  Oh, and KATE SPADE IS HIS SISTER-IN-LAW!!  Yes I felt the need to use the cap-lock, because I was SHOCKED by that piece of information.   If you don't know who Kate Spade is, well then you are dead to me. :)

Bottom line - all of it is fascinating, as well as funny.  Listening to the familiar voice of David Spade was quite the entertaining way to pass a chunk of our drive.  Definitely keep it in consideration if you have your own road trip coming up soon.   Fair warning, though, the language is raunchy.


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