Saturday, June 11, 2016

(52)One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Twenty-something Emma Blair was nearly destroyed when her husband's helicopter went down in the Pacific ocean the day before their first wedding anniversary.  Jesse was her high school sweetheart and she planned on being with him forever, but now she has to deal with her new reality of being a widow.  Emma leaves the home they made together and moves back to her hometown of Acton.  The life she puts back together in Acton is different than she ever dreamed possible.  She is now in her thirties, working for her parents running the bookstore that has been in their family for decades, she plays the piano, and she has just gotten engaged to Sam.   Emma's life is perfect as far as she is concerned.

And then she gets word that Jesse was found alive.  He survived all these years on a little deserted island.  He is alive, coming home and he more than anything he wants to see his wife. Emma is suddenly put in the position of having to choose which man she is going to live with for the rest of her life.

One True Loves is one of those novels that is going to stick with you for a while.  Emma Blair is one of those women that I could see myself hanging out with talking about books over coffee.  I loved the way her relationship with Sam was just so easy.  At first I felt really bad for Jesse, after all he was the one who nearly died out on the ocean. He had to do extreme things to stay alive.  Then I thought he was being extremely selfish in his treatment of Emma and his demands were unrealistic, but when she gave into those demands I was flabbergasted. She had changed so much while he was gone, I think the author put it this way (or close to it) that she is the person she is today because her husband died. What would she have been like had he not "died", What would their marriage have been like if they made it more than a year?   I guess I can understand Emma's torn feelings, too.  Her first love has returned from the grave, what else was she to do?   In the end, she went with her what her heart told her to do.  CLICK HERE FOR SPOILER

Bottom line - One True Loves is one of those books that is making all of the "Must Read" lists of the summer and I completely understand why.  This is one you are going to want to read and then discuss Emma's decision with your girlfriends.



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