Monday, June 6, 2016

(50)Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger

Twenty year old Finley Montgomery has moved to the small town of The Hollows, New York to live with her grandmother.  Finley has always been a bit misunderstood.  Her tattoos and piercings are a bit of an armor for Finley.  A way to keep people at a distance so they don't find out the truth about her.  Finley has a unique talent of that some would associate with being a psychic.  The only person to really understand her talent is her grandmother, Eloise.  Eloise has worked with a local private detective for a while to help find the missing and ease the fear of loved ones.  But now it is Finley's turn to step in and help the detective.  For someone in The Hollows has been "requesting" Finley's help and it just might be the young girl from the city that went missing a year ago.

Abbi Gleason was on vacation with her family when her brother and father were shot and Abbi was taken. Her mother, Merri Gleason, just knows that Abbi is still out there and has hired a private investigator from The Hollows to help find her.  To say that the last year has been rough on Merri Gleason would be a gross understatement, but hiring a private investigator makes her feel as if she is actually doing something to help find her daughter.  Will the investigator she hired and the psychic he works with be able to find Abbi? Or at the very least give her the closure she desperately needs?

Ink and Bone is a psychological thriller of the most superior kind.  Finley is one of those characters that is considered "weird" by normal societal standards.  The fact that she is covered in tattoos is just a small piece of that weirdness.  What people don't realize is that every tattoo on Fin's body represents someone from "the other-side" who had reached out to her.  Her body is a living memorial to those souls.  What makes Ink and Bone so good is that you are always guessing about who is flesh and bone and who is just ink.  It was always at the back of my mind that maybe certain characters weren't part of this realm.  It is quite apparent from early in the book that The Hollows is not just any normal upstate New York community.   The town is quiet and resistant to outsiders.  It is almost like the town is a living and breathing entity that only chooses to speak to a few choice people, like Finley and her grandmother, Eloise. The book moves at a slower pace than other Lisa Unger novels, really giving you a chance to get to know the characters and the town.  It starts to pick up pace towards the end and gives you a revelation that will leave you breathless.   It is definitely an explosive conclusion.

Bottom line - Ink and Bone is the kind of blockbuster that you have been waiting for this summer.  Complex characters, quirky towns, missing girls, and a family of psychics. All of the ingredients for your next beach read.



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