Thursday, April 14, 2016

(36)The Obsession by Nora Roberts

Naomi Bowes is just eleven years old when she follows her father into the woods late one night. She thought she was going to find where her father had hid her birthday gift, instead she finds a young, battered woman locked in a cage.  That night Naomi's world is shattered when she discovers that her father is one of the most prolific serial killers in recent memory.  Her mother changes their last name and moves Naomi and her brother Mason to New York to live with their uncles in an effort to provide some normalcy.  But her mother is so destroyed by what her father does that it proves to be too much and once again Naomi is in the middle of tragic circumstances.

It is now nearly twenty years later and after years of wandering Naomi has fallen in love with a house on the opposite side of the country of her memories.  The community of Sunrise Cove has welcomed her with open arms.  Especially the local mechanic, Xander Keaton.  Naomi tries to resit Xander, but his fully stocked library, love of dogs, and excellent taste in music make him hard to resist. Life would be perfect except for the fact that somebody has started to terrorize the little community in the same way that Naomi's father did all those years ago.  As members of the community start turning up dead the coincidences are now considered the work of a copy-cat.  Will Naomi be able to catch a serial killer for the second time in her life before he comes after her?

I admit it.  I was a little surprised at how much I enjoyed The Obsession. The last few books I have read by Nora Roberts were disappointing to me.  I was hooked from the very beginning with The Obsession.  Naomi and Xander are great characters and they work well together.  Naomi is such a strong character who has been through so much, but I loved how her experiences only made her stronger.  I loved her relationship with her brother, Mason, who also happens to be an FBI agent and her relationship with her uncles was also fun to watch.  The kind of stability they provided was crucial in Naomi growing up "normal".   It took me a while to figure out the copycat, but once Mason revealed a few details, I figured it out, but it was late in the story. And of course, it always makes me happy when an author can stump me.

Bottom line - The Obsession is a prime example of why Nora Roberts is one of he most successful romance writers of all time.  Well developed characters, an engaging mystery, and a steamy love story will captivate the most picky of readers.



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