Saturday, April 2, 2016

(32)Two If By Sea by Jacquelyn Mitchard

Frank Mercy is an ex-pat in Australia when a tsunami hits Brisbane and kills his wife, their unborn son, and nearly her entire family.  Even though he is stunned by grief, Frank, an ex-cop, sets of to help.  He ends up rescuing a young boy, Ian.  Frank knows that Ian is special and adopts him as his own and quickly moves back to the states, hoping to put everything about Brisbane behind them. Back in the states Frank and Ian settle back into life with his family.  Frank is working and training horses and even tries to fall in love again with an equestrian named Claudia comes into their lives.  At times Ian's telepathic gift makes it difficult to fly under the radar, but at times it is most welcomed.  Frank realizes that Ian's brother was left behind in Brisbane and soon their family is complete.  Ian's gift isn't always a good thing, though,and they Mercy family undertakes a battle with evil men in order to keep Ian safe and their family together. Will they be successful or will the truth about Ian and Collin be revealed?

Two If By Sea is an epic novel that takes the reader all over the world.  From Australia to the Midwest to the English countryside.  Frank is a good guy. That is evident by his desire to go help people after the Tsunami when he just lost his whole world. He makes keeping Ian safe his whole world.  He is reluctant to let Claudia in, but it is clear that she is a good woman who wants to be part of their little family.  I also really loved little Ian and his innocent ways.   Having said all of that, I didn't really love the book.  It started off in a way that captivated the reader, but it lost something once Frank and Ian went back to the states.  I didn't find myself invested in any of the characters, well maybe Ian a little. I think the author was going for that ethereal or mystical feel, but it didn't translate very well for me. I don't really know what it was that prevented me from really liking the book, but the lack of emotional investment had something to do with it, I think.  The end of the book ended in a manner that was predictable and expected, but I did finish it out.

Bottom line -While  Two If By Sea didn't exactly resonate for me like I had hoped, I am still very much a Jacquelyn Mitchard fan and would encourage you to check it out.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, even when it comes to books, right?



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