Monday, March 21, 2016

(29)Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben

War veteran, Maya, was with her husband, Joe,  when he was murdered in the park.  It was a robbery gone bad, but his death has left Maya reeling.  For it wasn't that long ago that Maya's sister was murdered while Maya was still deployed.  Maya is slowly trying to piece her life back together with her young daughter, Lily, when something catches her eye on the nanny cam.  It looked like Joe was there playing with their daughter.   Joe, who was buried two weeks ago.  Maya starts digging into what she could have possibly seen on that camera and realizes that her husband's wealthy family may have had  a part in what she saw on that nanny cam.  Maya realizes that things aren't always what they seem and starts to dig into her in-laws.    What really happened to Joe's brother and what happened at their boarding school all those years ago.  And how is it all connected to her sister's murder?  Maya is soon in the fight for her life, but she is desperate and will do whatever it takes to protect her daughter and find the truth about her sister's death.

I have been reading Harlan Coben's novels for years and I have never been more shocked than I was at the conclusion of Fool Me Once.  Maya is a good lead character and one that you come to like quite quickly.  Not only did she go through hell during the war, she is a recent widow who also has recently lost her sister you really feel for her.  Through her grief and roller coaster emotions, there is one constant thing to note.  Maya is completely and utterly devoted to her family.  Her sister, her daughter, her niece and nephew.  She would do anything for them.  Anything.  Between Maya's PTSD and her grief over her recent losses, it is a wonder that Maya isn't completely unhinged. 

Bottom line -In Fool Me Once,  Harlan Coben did what few authors have ever dared to do.  And he did it with such expertise you never see it coming.  Definitely a beloved author at his best.



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