Saturday, January 23, 2016

(9)The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman

Brett Bohlinger is absolutely devastated when her mother passes away after a short battle with cancer.  Brett and her brothers and their spouses meet at the lawyers office the day after the funeral to collect their inheritances.  Brett assumes that her mother's cosmetic empire will be hers as that is what she has been working towards for years.  But she is wrong.  The business goes to her sister-in-law.  Her brothers get their inheritances, but Brett gets nothing.  Instead the lawyer pulls out a "Life List" that Brett had written when she was a teenager.  Her mother wants Brett to complete ten tasks on the list in the next year in order to get her inheritance.  The list includes things like fall in love, have a baby, fulfill her dream of teaching, make peace with her father, and more.  Brett is stunned, but with the help of her friends and her mother's lawyer, Brett gives it everything she has to complete the list.  In the process she evaluates her life's trajectory and the people in her life.  What she uncovers is a sweet happiness and fulfillment she never expected to have in her life.  But will she meet her mother's demands and complete the list in the required time?

The Life List was an absolutely adorable book.  Very reminiscent Cecelia Ahern's  P.S I Love You. Brett Bohlinger is a character that you will just love.  You know that she is good and kind at her core, but she surrounds herself with assholes like Andrew.  I cheered when that relationship actually ended.  She obviously had led a charmed life - never wanting for a thing, but as Brett really starts working through the list she realizes just how charmed her life has been and that just makes her even more adorable.  As the new people enters her life and she has the new experiences it reaffirms my belief that her mother's demands were really in Brett's best interest.   I had predicted the end fairly early on, but I still cheered when it was revealed.  It was really quite perfect.

Bottom line - The Life List is a charming little novel about a woman who is forced to examine her life and the hopes and dreams she once had and in the process she discovers a life worth living.



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