Saturday, November 28, 2015

(82)All of Us and Everything by Bridge Asher

The Rockwell sisters have not lived a conventional life. They grew up with their eccentric mother who told them their father was an international spy.  Their unconventional life impacted the three sisters in different ways.   Liv is an addict whose is addicted to both drugs and men. Always seeking the next bigger and better thrill.   Esme, the only sister who has been living a relatively stable life, is now navigating her own divorce with her fifteen year old daughter.  And Ru has been running from her family and her past ever since she was old enough to run. She is also the only sister who knows the truth.  The three sisters are not close at all, but Hurricane Sandy revealed a lost box of letters that brings them all home.  The three realize that their mother's claims about their father were true and even though they didn't know it, he has been a part of their lives all along.   Will the Rockwell sisters be willing to let their father back into their lives in a more permanent way?  And will the Rockwell sisters be able to heal their own relationships with each other?

All of Us and Everything was an intriguing read about an intriguing family.  Augusta is a unique matriarch, always seeking the next great cause, but she was not the find of matriarch that fostered the relationships of her daughters.  I think that is the part I found most interesting, that the three sisters were so distant. There wasn't any one reason for that, just their cumulative experiences as a Rockwell took them in different directions. I think Ru was my favorite sister.  She was the one who wasn't willing to take everything their mother said as truth. She is the one who set out on her own to find the truth about their father. And then kept it a secret from her sisters, not because she was secretive, but because they didn't really ask. The story came to it's natural conclusion and I was pleased with the end.

Bottom line - All of Us and Everything is the story of one unique family and their journey to truth and acceptance.  A fun and compelling read.



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