Monday, November 16, 2015

(79)One Year After by William R. Forstchen

It has been two years since "The Day" of the EMP that changed the world.  John Matherson and the good people of Black Mountain have been living life in their new normal; archaic dentistry, trading books, and standing guard against bands of roving thieves.  John has taken on a leadership role in the community and his military history has served the community well when it comes to keeping their community safe.   There is a disturbance in their unique tranquility when the little community receives word that the makeshift government ruling the Eastern seaboard has implemented a draft. Along with over a hundred other young community members, John's own daughter, has received a draft notice.  Now John and his community must decide what to do about the draft and determine if  the new government in power is coming down on the right side of the law or are they creating their own twisted version of the law?

One Second After was one of my favorite books of 2012 and I was excited to find out that the author had finally written a sequel. Some time has passed and the people of Black Mountain have settled into a cautious routine of sorts.  I found it interesting how they tried to return some normalcy to their community.   Like the trading library and the archaic form of dentistry.  They had even gotten telephones working again and it was all disrupted by the draft.  One Year After seemed to be much more military driven than One Second After and I admittedly found myself getting a little bored with all of the lingo. John Matherson is still the  honorable character that I loved from the first book and that honor is featured many times in the second book.  It was clear to the reader and eventually to the ANR that John took his responsibility as a community leader very seriously.  That sense of responsibility got him in serious trouble a couple of times, but he always found a way out of trouble.   The book finished in a manner that leave you anticipating a third book.

Bottom line - One Year After is an action packed sequel to a novel that was a hit with many people, myself included.  While it is fun to see how things have evolved since the EMP I did not enjoy One Year After as much as I had hoped, but it is still worth the read.



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