Sunday, May 31, 2015

(43)Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews

Greer Hennessy's job as Location Manager for a production company has brought her to the Florida swamps. She is on a mission to find the "perfect" beach town and save her career.  She stumbles into the sleepy town of  Cypress Key and discovers that it is exactly what her director is looking for in a set.  Most of the people are welcoming to Greer as she starts setting up for the production crew to come to town, except for the mayor.  Eb Thibadeaux is a busy guy who doesn't necessarily mind the circus coming to town.   Not only is he the town's mayor, but he co-owns the motel that Greer is staying at.  He owns the town's grocery store, he also serves as a real estate agent. and he is co-guardian of his teenage niece.  The sparks between Greer and Eb are undeniable, but he is causing her major problems at work because he won't let them blow up the town's abandoned casino. Throw in a thug of a star and a long lost father and it makes for a very stressful, yet interesting.  summer for Greer.  Will she be able to save her career and get the guy at the same time?

Mary Kay Andrews is one of those seasonal authors that I look forward to every summer. It as if the summer doesn't begin until I have read the latest Mary Kay Andrews.  And without fail she always delivers.   This year's book gave a "behind the scenes" look at movie making.  A "Location Manager" is not a position you ever think of when you watch a movie, but it makes sense that there would be one.  And frankly it sounds like it would be a fun, if not challenging, career.  The "scouting" aspect is what I find most appealing. I liked Greer as a character and I enjoyed the "give and take" between her and Eb.  He is an interesting guy with so many irons of the fire, yet he gives off that "laid-back" beach vibe.   The story came to a natural conclusion that left me happy and longing for next summer's book.

Bottom line- I am sure all of you have your favorite summertime authors and Mary Kay Andrews is definitely on my list.  Her books are like comfort food for the soul.  Beach Town was a fun, lazy read that made me long for the beach. Be sure to throw Beach Town in your beach bag and enjoy!



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