Monday, May 25, 2015

(40)Life is Short (no pun intended) by Jennifer Arnold, MD and Bill Klein

I, like millions of other people, have become enamored with Jen Arnold, Bill Klein and their two adorable children.  Unlike many other reality television stars, their life seems so normal and together.  And I think that is where the fascination comes from - they seem like a couple that I would love to hang out with on a sunny summer weekend.

In their new book, Life is Short (no pun intended) , Jen and Bill take turns telling us about their births, their childhood, their teen and college years and then wind things up by sharing how they met and got married.  Then of course how Will and Zoey came into their lives.  While Bill and Jen grew up on opposite ends of the country, they had many things in common, mostly medically.   In fact many years before they started dating they met at John Hopkins where they both were recovering from orthopedic surgeries.   Beyond medical issues they both had to deal with some bullying while in school and the feeling of inadequacies when dealing with the opposite sex to name just a few.   But both agree that they who they are today because of the what they endured.

I love how Jen speaks very positively of all her time spent in the hospital. If you didn't know from watching the show, she is a very positive and upbeat person.   She speaks to the "family" of doctors and nurses that cared for her and worked hard to give her as normal of a life as possible.  Her doctor was almost like a second father  in many ways, including being there for her in college when she had a non-injury car accident.  I thought that was very telling to his character and the bond he had with his patients. Jen spoke honestly about her time in med school and the challenges she faced as a Little Person.  Bill was equally as honest about his "wild and crazy" college days and the challenges he faced trying to find a job after college.  Again, what they went through made them who they are today and it is quite admirable.

Bottom line, in filming The Little Couple Bill and Jen invite the world into their daily lives.  In writing Life Is Short they invite the world to learn about their pasts.   It is a quick, yet interesting read and definitely one not to miss.

  • Life is Short (no pun intended) by Jen Arnold, MD and Bill Klein 
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  • Pages: 272
  • Publisher: Howard Books
  • Publication Date: 5/26/2015
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