Tuesday, March 17, 2015

(20) Reluctantly Charmed by

Kate McDaid is your typical single twentysomething.  She works for a Dublin ad agency and is trying to wade through the Dublin dating pool.  Then around her 26th birthday she gets summoned to attend the reading of a will.  The will of a distant relative that died 130 years ago, a Great-Aunt (many times removed) also named Kate McDaid.   The will stipulates that in order to receive her inheritance Kate must publicly post The Seven Steps, a series of poems that drudge up old Celtic folklore about Witches and Fairies.  You see the late Kate McDaid was known to be a not so nice witch and her poems might be stirring up more trouble than the young Kate McDaid had expected.  Over the seven weeks that Kate posted the Steps she has sky-rocketed to fame.  Because of the Steps, people believe her to be a witch who can communicate with the fairies, but some believe that if Kate posts all of the Seven Steps it will unleash troubles that could bring the world to their knees.    Does Kate want her inheritance bad enough to take the risk or is it all just a fairy tale?

Reluctantly Charmed is definitely charming novel.  With today being St. Patrick's Day, everybody has a touch of Irish in them, right?  The Dublin setting of this book only added to the charm.  The descriptions of the lilting brogues, the food mentioned, alcohol consumed, all of transplanted me to the "home" of my heart.  I admittedly know very little about  ancient Celtic folklore, so I found that interesting and charming.  The thought of a parallel world full of Fairies and their mischievous ways is kind of fun.   Kate is a fun character to "meet", too.  She is your average single lady who loves going out with her friends, wants to get promoted at work, and find the man of her dreams.  She is reluctant to give in to the hoopla surrounding the Seven Steps and is only doing it with the hope of getting a huge inheritance.  Kate starts to think that there may be some truth to the thing that thousands of her "followers" know to be true -   that she could be a witch.  How else could she possibly know an herbal remedy for a sleepless baby?  Throw in a bad-boy rocker and a handsome farmer from Knocknamee and you have all the fixings for a great story.

Bottom line,  Reluctantly Charmed is a fun and charming novel that will put you in the mood to go find some Leprechauns and a pot of gold.  Definitely a fun read for all of you Irish gals out there!



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