Saturday, January 31, 2015

(7)Girl Before a Mirror by Liza Palmer

Anna Wyatt has just turned 40 and is taking an inventory of her life.  She is recently divorced from a man she was married to for eleven years and never really loved.  She is the oldest child of a couple that really shouldn't have had children.  Her younger brother is a train-wreck that can't do wrong in Anna's eyes.  The one highlight in her life is her career, she works for a successful ad agency in the Washington DC area and has a great idea to land a subsidiary of a large pharmaceutical company which could lead to landing the big fish.  Her plan takes her and her colleague, Sasha, to Phoenix where they are attending RomanceCon.  A convention for the readers and writers of romance novels.  The girls are hoping to sign the winner of the Romance Novel Cover Model of the Year to be the spokesman for their new ad campaign.  But it is handsome businessman, Lincoln Mallory who catches Anna's eye.  Is their romance one that will last or will it end when their respective conventions end?  And will Anna and Sasha land their big account or will they lose out to the "boys club" that dominates the advertising industry?

Girl Before a Mirror was just the kind of read that I needed. It was fun, empowering, and even a bit emotional.  Anna Wyatt is a character that was easy to like.  The relationship she has with her brother is sweet, if not a bit dysfunctional.  Her relationship with Lincoln was much the same, sweet, if not a bit dysfunctional.  And it was obvious that Anna was at the top of her game when it came to her career.  There was a real "Girl Power" moment that just left me practically cheering out loud.   It was almost inspiring to think, if Anna can go after what she wants, why can't I?  Girl Before a Mirror was such a good read, I can't recommend it highly enough.

Bottom line, Girl Before a Mirror is a true "girl power" novel that will give a boost to anyone needing to know that they can be the heroine of their own story!



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