Sunday, January 4, 2015

(2)Die Again by Tess Gerritsen

Rizzoli, Isles, and the rest of the gang are back teal with the murder of a big game taxidermist.  Leon Gott wasn't just murdered, but completely gutted and hung just like many of the animals he stuffs.  As Rizzoli and the team start the process of locating his murderer they are lead back to the local zoo where a zookeeper is mauled by a tiger.  Then they are led to Maine where a petty thief was murdered the same way that Gott was murdered.  And finally they are led to Botswana where a group on safari were led into the Delta, but only one made it out alive.  Will Rizzoli and Isles be able to find the murderer before the lone survivor of that expedition finishes her off?

I was a fan of Rizzoli and Isles long before I read any of the books. I was pleased to find out that when I did read a Tess Gerritsen novel the show sticks pretty closely to the books.  The same key characters, the same basic storyline.  I will say that it did make me sad to find that Frost is still in the books.  It broke my heart when Lee Thompson Young died and the show handled it in such a classy way.  I always have loved the Frost character so it was bittersweet to see him in Die Again.  It was easy to get sucked into the story of Leon Gott's murdered.  The book starts out in Botswana and the group on safari and it takes a while to figure out how it ties together to the murder in Boston, but when the pieces start coming together it will blow your mind!    In the end it was surprising to find out "whodunnit" but that is just the way I like my mystery novels.

Bottom line - Tess Gerritsen is a master when it comes to writing mystery novels.  Her two characters Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles have become synonymous with mysteries and murders on the streets of Boston.  Die Again is another prime example of her exemplary skills!



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