Monday, August 18, 2014

(74)One Kick by Chelsea Cain

It has been ten years since Kit "Kick" Lannigan was rescued from the kind of hell that only exists in our nightmares.  It has been a long ten years, but Kick has come along way from the eleven year old that was rescued that night ten years ago.  Kick has been dedicated to never becoming a victim again by training in  every arena of self-defense known to man. And she works diligently to help find those who have fallen victim to the pedophiles that still have Kick's "movies" and think of her as a star.  With her tenth anniversary of freedom closing in, Kick is on edge as it is when John Bishop enters her life.  Bishop is a man who works for a man who knows how to get stuff done.  He knows people, he can access information that normal people only imagine exists, he is the definition of powerful.  Even though he has all of that power, Bishop needs Kick's help.  Another young girl has gone missing and there are similarities to Kick's past and only Kick can help find her.  Will Kick let down her guard long enough to trust Bishop and help find this girl?  Is Kick willing to face old demons and do what it takes to help Bishop?

One Kick is one kick ass novel.  It is hardcore gritty and it will take a strong person to handle the gritty subject matter of child porn and pedophilia, but it is so worth the read.  Kick is one of the best female characters I have "met" in a long time.   She has this tough exterior that is proud of her Glock and picks the lock on handcuffs to relax.  But she is vulnerable and has a heart , but only allows her friend, James and her dog, Monster inside that heart.  Then there is Bishop, he is such an enigma, a guy who only reveals snip-its of information about himself  and only when he thinks it will get him further with Kick. As the book progressed, the tempo increased and I felt my heart racing , as if I were there.  When things went down with James and Monster, I felt myself getting angry and protective on behalf of Kick.   It was easily the most intense book I have read yet this year.

Bottom line, I have been a fan of Chelsea Cain since her very first Archie/Gretchen novel.  One Kick is better.  The word "fresh" doesn't seem right for a story so dark, but Kick is a character that we have never seen before. I don't know where Cain will take us in Kick's world, but I know that it is going to be a hell of a ride and I can't wait.

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