Saturday, June 28, 2014

(57)Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline

Keep Quiet

Pages: 352

Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: April 8, 2014

Jake Buckman and his teenage son, Ryan, have a pretty rocky relationship. It all stems from when Jake's career was collapsing around him and he was basically an absentee father, leaving his wife Pam to parent Jake, run the household, and bring home the bacon.  Jake has straightened out his career and the family has  been through counseling, but Jake is still trying to get his relationship with Ryan back on track. One night  decides he wants to be the "cool dad" and allow Ryan to drive his new Audi home from the movie.  There are tragic consequences from that decision and now Jake is willing to do anything and everything to keep Ryan safe and his family intact. Things that could them to jail and destroy Pam's career. Will Jake be able to hold their family together, keep them safe and out of jail?

First of all the audiobook version of Keep Quiet was narrated by Ron Livingston. I admit, it was a bit weird to listen to Jack Berger (if you get that reference you TRULY are my people!) reading me a story.  Once I got past that I got swept away in the fast paced mystery.  There were a few times where I felt like Jake was a big old asshole, but I realized that his behavior was coming from a place of fear.  In a twisted sort of way what happen was good for the Buckman family because it gave Ryan to really see how much his father loved him and that he would do absolutely anything for his family. The end wrapped things up quite nicely and with a few twists that even took this mystery novel veteran by surprise.

Bottom line, Keep Quiet is another blockbuster hit for Lisa Scottoline.  She has created a story that illustrates the love that most parents feel for their children. You know that feeling - the one that gives you super powers to do anything to protect your baby. Keep Quiet is a great read and having Ron Livingston read it to you is an absolute bonus.  Give it a shot and let me know what you think!


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