(56)The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Glass Kitchen

Pages: 384

Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: June 17, 2014

Portia Cuthcart never thought she would ever leave her beloved Texas. She certainly never thought she would leave Texas for New York City and that she would be leaving a divorced woman  after she discovered her politician husband had gotten her best friend pregnant.  She leaves Texas with nothing except the cookbooks her beloved grandmother used in her restaurant, The Glass Kitchen. Thankfully her sisters are in New York City and even though Portia's sisters sold their part of the townhouse they inherited, Portia still has the garden apartment to hide out in while she decides what her next steps should be.  Portia doesn't expect to become smitten with the girls who live in the upper floors or with their extremely handsome father, Gabriel.  She also doesn't expect the overwhelming urge to bring The Glass Kitchen to life in her new city.  Will all of her dreams come true or will the tenuous bonds she has made in New York City fall apart?

The Glass Kitchen is a fun read for the summer. There was even a magical element that reminded me of Sarah Addison Allen.  I loved Portia as a strong female character and the way she was determined to put her life back together.  But it was the chemistry between the Portia and Gabriel that really steamed up the pages. The way their relationship developed, though, reminded a lot of my Grandmother's old Harlequins.  Strong businessman with struggling divorcee in a secret relationship.  It was almost nostalgic. I also loved the quirkiness of Gabriel's youngest daughter, Ariel. She really made the story that much more enjoyable. I will say there were times in the middle of the book where it seemed to drag a bit, but for the most part it kept moving right along. 

Bottom line, The Glass Kitchen is a fun novel about a woman trying to put her life back together.  It was a fun, easy read.  Another great book for the beach bag this summer!

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