Saturday, April 26, 2014

(37)Everybody's Got Something by Robin Roberts

Everybody's Got Something 

Pages: 272

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: April 22, 2014

In her new book, Everybody's Got Something, America's favorite morning anchor tells her story of the last few years.  From her diagnosis with a rare form of leukemia to the death of her beloved mother.  Robin speaks about her famous friends, colleagues, and those not so famous who have been by her side through it all.  Including her long term girlfriend, Amber.  We all know that Robin's sister donated her bone marrow, but until now very few knew that Amber was Robin's caretaker through it all.  There are even a few times when Amber gets to "speak" in the book and you can tell how much they love each other.  It was heartwarming to read.  In her own words Robin lays it all on the line in that authentic and real way that we all have come to expect from Robin Roberts. 

I am one of the millions of Americans that (try to) start their mornings with Robin Roberts and her colleagues on Good Morning America. I started to watch the show when I was working from home and I considered Robin, George, Josh, Sam, and Lara my "office mates."  I remember watching the day she announced that she was sick again.  I cried with her and the rest of America. I followed her story and just like many others found myself praying for her and her well being.  Everybody's Got Something can be a pretty emotional read at times just because it is obvious that Robin Roberts is pouring out her heart. I also really liked how she heaped the praise on caregivers, not just her caregivers, but her sister Dorothy who cared for their mother and just caregivers in general who help care for the millions of people who are elderly and have life threatening diseases just like Robin's.  Having just been through that with my Grandmother and my Father-in-Law and witnessing first hand how selfless caregivers are, I have even more respect for Robin Roberts for acknowledging it in such a public way.

Bottom line, even if you aren't a GMA watcher you will find that Robin's story of family, faith, courage, and survival is one that will touch anyone's heart.  If you are looking for a book that will feed your soul, this is the one. 


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