(32)The Opposite of Maybe by Maddie Dawson

Saturday, April 12, 2014

  The Opposite of Maybe

Pages:  400

Publisher: Crown Publishing
Publication Date: April 8, 2014

Rosie and Jonathan have been together forever.  They are that quirky couple that everyone has - you know the bohemian couple who have been together for so long they are a fixture, but have  never got married and have quirky habits like collecting rare teacups. Their life changes when Jonathan and his rare teacup collection are asked to move across the country to open a museum.  In a whirlwind decision they decide to get married and off they go.  Rosie is completely on board until the last minute Jonathan decides to go off to chase a teacup collection rather than get married and after the moving truck is loaded Rosie decides not to move across the country. 

As Rosie is settling in to her new normal at her Grandmother's house Rosie realizes that the first night in fifteen years that her and Jonathan were careless was the night that she got pregnant.  Now she is a pregnant forty-four year old woman living with her elderly grandmother and her caretaker, Tony.  How can she possibly become a mother at the age of forty-four?  Between trying to help care for her grandmother and deciding what will become of her future Rosie starts to see Tony as more than just a caretaker.   But what will happen when Jonathan finds out that Rosie is pregnant?

The cast of characters for The Opposite of Maybe are the very definition of quirky.  Soapie is such an interesting version of a Grandmother.  Independent, feisty, and in love with a married man.  She raised Rosie and is the only family that Rosie has in the world, but as time goes on Rosie realizes that she is far from alone. I loved her entire relationship with Tony.  Their chemistry was so great and really jumped off the pages.  Jonathan on the other hand, was a piece of shit in my book. He was so irritating with his little quirks and the way he treated Rosie, even when they were on good terms.  The end of the book was tough to read because I just wanted to slap Rosie silly, but I will say that I was completely satisfied with the ending.

Bottom line, The Opposite of Maybe is a fun and quirky story. There is a lot of discussion potential there and Rosie is one of those characters who you will quickly come to adore.  If you are looking for a great read, add this one to your list!         

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