Wednesday, February 12, 2014

(13)Twisted Sisters by Jen Lancaster

Twisted Sisters

Publication Date: February 4, 2014
Pages: 320

I think I have said it before, but Jen Lancaster is one of those authors that I will blindly purchase anything she prints.  Right up there with Jane Green, Emily Giffin, and Elin Hildebrand.  I will not think twice about hitting the "buy" button.  I have not been wrong , yet, about buying one of her books without reading the synopsis and that includes Twisted Sisters. 

<./p>Twisted Sisters is about Reagan Bishop, a licensed psychologist on the hit reality show, Push.   She helps those who needs a "push" to get their lives in order.  Reagan knows that she can help people and she knows that her own sisters would benefit greatly from her expertise, but noooo instead the mother of six and the hairdresser choose to mock her and her career.  Needless to say it has caused great tension between the Bishop sisters and they do nothing but fight and bicker. Before Reagan can fix her sister's lives she needs to get hers in order.  The breakup with her boyfriend has been rough and the new producer on the show is expecting miracles.  Reagan is at her wits end  when New-Age healer, Deva (remember her from Here I Go Again!?) proposes a unique solution that will help her patients on the show.  Deva does not anticipate that  Reagan will take advantage of that solution and try to giver her sisters the unwanted help she thinks they need.  Has Reagan gone too far and has she finally ruined the sisterly bond that was hanging on by a thread?

First of all, I seriously laughed out loud when the great and fabulous Jen Lancaster mocks herself in her own books, by having Reagan pick up a "memoir penned by hacks"--- "The author claims to be "bitter", but anyone with credentials would assess her as "borderline".  Buwahahaha!!  Jen's first book was a memoir entitled Bitter is the New Black. (For the record that book is on my "pry from my cold dead hands shelf".  At first I found Reagan to be a little overbearing, but as she literally put herself into other people shoes, you could see her starting to relax a little.  I was pleased with the ending and was glad to see Reagan mend things with those she needed to most.   

Bottom line, while I will always buy anything written by Jen Lancaster, I think I prefer her memoirs over her fiction. Yes they are fun and entertaining and should definitely be read, but I find her memoirs to be just a bit more realistic. (That was intended to be a funny because of the sci-fi-ish themes to her novels) Anyway, I read Twisted Sisters in one sitting and when I was done, I found myself trying to find the release date of the next Jen Lancaster memoir (nothing revealed yet).  


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